How SK Cote® Works

SK Cote® Controlled Release Fertilizers is a polymer encapsulated fertilizer that supplies nutrients required by plants over its growing season with only a single application.


SK Cote Controlled Release Fertilizer

How does SK Cote® Controlled Release Fertlizer work?

Our Research 

Our research team has been able to develop ultra-thin polymer coatings which is able to encapsulate high quality water soluble fertilizers, thereby controlling the rate at which nutrients are delivered to the plants. This ensures no wastage and also full utilization of the required nutrients for achieving optimal yields.

SK Cote Research High Quality Coating 1
SK Cote Research High Quality Coating 2
Cumulative Release Curve Chart

Controlling Release Duration

Increasing the polyurethane coating thickness delays the release of nutrients. Coating thickness determines the release rate of plant nutrients (NPK).

Only Temperature Dependent

The only factor affecting the release rate is soil or media temperature due to increased energy for diffusion. Since the only temperature affects release rates, the performance of SK Cote® Controlled Release Fertilizers is reasonably accurate and predictable.

SK Cote Longevity at Various Temperature Chart

Factors that do not affect the release rate of Controlled Release Fertilizers are as follows:

  • Soil microbial activity
  • Soil moisture level
  • Soil pH level

Since the coating thickness is predetermined, the only factor that affects the release rate of nutrients is temperature. Therefore, SK Cote is truly a Controlled Release Fertilizer.

SK Cote® Controlled Release Fertilizers 

vs Slow Release Fertilizers vs Nitrogen Inhibitors

A common misconception is that Slow Release Fertilizers (SRF) and Controlled Release Fertilizers (CRF) are the sameBoth deliver nutrients over a duration but are completely different products.

Controlled release fertilizers are affected by only one factor that is soil temperature and therefore releases plant nutrients at a predictable and sustained rate. Controlled release fertilizers only come in a granular form where the coating thickness regulates the nutrient release.

Slow release fertilizers, on the other hand, are affected by soil temperature, moisture, microorganisms, surface area, and pH.  Slow release fertilizers come in granular, nugget or packet/sachet forms where the release mechanism varies widely.

The table below compares the different types of slow release fertilizer and controlled release fertlizer on the market.

SK Cote - SK Specialties Sdn Bhd

SK Specialties Sdn. Bhd. is the first Controlled Release Fertilizer producer in Malaysia. Utilizing the latest technology in polymer coating, SK Specialties is able to encapsulate high quality fertilizers with micro thin vegetable oil based polymers to produce Controlled Release Fertilizers.

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