Controlled Release Fertilizer

Having issues with fertilizing plants and crops? Nutrition in plants is the most important factor for achieving yield potentials. However, fertilizing plants are difficult due to shortage of labor, weather problems and regulations. SK Cote® Controlled Release Fertilizers are the best solution to your problems.



High Efficient Best Controlled Release Fertilizer

High Efficiency

SK Cote® is the new breed of high efficiency fertilizers which are able to supply nutrients in a sustained manner throughout the growing season.

Biodegradable Controlled Release Fertilizer


SK Cote® Controlled Release Fertilizers utilizes in house specialty polymers which are biodegradable and do not accumulate in the soil.

High Quality Fertilizer

High Quality

All specialized fertilizers manufacturer at SK Specialties go through the most stringent laboratory protocols to guarantee high quality.

Affordable Fertilizer


SK Cote® Controlled Release Fertilizers are produced using the latest technology reducing production costs to increase affordability.

Fertilizer for Corn Plant

Nourishing Our Future

SK COTE® Technology

The most reliable and effective way to achieve yield potential is to coincide nutrient availability with plant requirements. By controlling the release rate of plant nutrition over the growing season, only one application is required. This is accomplished by employing SK Cote® Controlled Release Technology. Also called time release fertilizers, Controlled Release Fertilizers are superior to slow release fertilizers and traditional NPK fertilizers.

The Best Controlled Release Fertilizer

Single Application & Benefits

The advantage of SK Cote® Controlled Release Fertilizer is that a single pre-plant application can fulfill the requirements for macronutrient in plants throughout its growing season. SK Cote® products are designed to feed plants continuously.

SK Cote® Controlled Release Fertilizers save labor and application costs, enable application independent of the irrigation system, and require no sophisticated equipment.

No waste by leaching

Fertilizers are released at a controlled rate throughout the season; plants are able to take up most of the NPK macronutrients without waste by leaching.


Increased yield

Increased yield due to matching requirement of nutrition in plants to controlled release fertilizer release profile.

Fertilizer burn

Fertilizer burn is not a problem with controlled release fertilizers even at high rates of application.


Supports and Reactions


SK Cote® is a suitable source of nutrition in plants including horticulture, vegetables, broadacre and plantation crops. SK Cote® is a suitable source of nutrition in plants including horticulture, vegetables, broadacre and plantation crops. SK Cote has been tried and tested in a variety of crops. 

Fertilizer for Vegetable Field

Our Clients

SK Cote® is currently being sold in many countries over five different continents. Our clients have given us great feedback for us to continuously improve.

SK Cote  - SK Specialties Sdn Bhd

SK Specialties Sdn. Bhd. is the first Controlled Release Fertilizer producer in Malaysia. Utilizing the latest technology in polymer coating, SK Specialties is able to encapsulate high quality fertilizers with micro thin vegetable oil based polymers to produce Controlled Release Fertilizers.

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