Advantages of SK Cote® Controlled Release Fertilizer

The advantages of SK Cote® controlled release fertilizer are as follows:

  • Fertilizer burn is not a problem with controlled release fertilizers even at high rates of application.
  • Fertilizers are released at a controlled rate throughout the season; plants are able to take up most of the NPK macronutrients without waste by leaching.
  • Increased yield due to matching requirement of nutrition in plants to controlled release fertilizer release profile.
  • Less frequent application is required.
  • Uniform particle size allows easier and precise mechanical distribution.
  • Flexibility of release periods from 40 to 365 days at 25oC.
  • Reduced capital and labour outlay in horticultural/agricltural crop production.
  • Reduced nutrient loss via leaching and run-offs thus reducing environmental damage.
  • Reduced seed or seedling damage from high concentration of salts.
  • Reduced leaf burn from heavy rates of surface-applied fertilizers.
  • Improved storage and handling properties of fertilizer materials.
  • Product differentiation resulting in improved market potential.
  • Reduced Greenhouse Gas emissions from transportation of fertilizers.

Compared to Slow Release Fertilizers and traditional NPK fertilizers, Controlled Release Fertilizers are the most advanced plant nutrient delivery system available in the market.

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