Young Immature Palms Trial Data

Trial Design: RCBD (Random Completely Block Design)

Replication: 3 replicates

Plot Size: 4 rows X 8 palms (32 palms/treatment)

Planting Material : FELDA Yangambi DXP (ML 161 crosses)

Soil Series : Cempaka (Typic Kandiudult)

Palm Stand : 136 palms/ha

Duration : 3 years (2010-2012)

Trial Site :  FASSB Jengka 24/25 (undulating area)

Planting Date: January 2010

Fertilizer rates applied were equivalent to the nutrient content in the table below.

Palm AgeNutrient Application (kg palm-1year-1)
1-12MAPN: 0.36P2O5: 0.69K2O: 0.48MgO: 0.16B:0.02
13-24MAPN: 0.59P2O5: 0.58K2O: 1.68MgO: 0.26B:0.03
25-36MAPN: 0.67P2O5: 0.57K2O: 1.90MgO: 0.40B:0.05


  1. UCPD: Compound (Ammonia sulphate based)
  2. URCU: SK Cote Single 43-0-0+TE
  3. UU: Urea
  4. UAS: Ammonia Sulphate
Young Immature Palms Girth Size vs Time
Oil Palm Frond Length vs Time
Oil Palm Cross Section vs Time
Oil Palm Leaf Dry Weight vs Time
Oil Palm Leaf Area Index vs Time
Oil Palm Chlorophyll vs Time
Oil Palm Nitrogen Context vs Time

The vegetative study showed that SK Cote Single 43-0-0+TE consistently showed superior performance in terms of girth size, frond length, petiole cross section, leaf dry weight and leaf area index compared to the other treatments. Chlorophyll and nitrogen content studies also showed that nitrogen was supplied at in a sustained manner so that no luxury/starvation curve occured as was common in the other treatments.

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