Main Nursery Oil Palm SeedlingTrial Data

Date Transplanted: 2 May 2014

Clone: FELDA

No of Seedlings: 500


  1. Conventional (Compound 45+B as per CCM recommendation)
  2. SK Cote Precise 19-10-13+2.5MgO+TE at 50g per seedling

Data is collected at 3 months interval, month 3 indicating the time it was transplanted.

Leaf Width vs Time
Leaf Height vs Time
Stem Girth vs Time
Stem Height vs Time
Canopy Height vs Time
Canopy Diameter vs Time

The trial concluded that there was no significant difference between the usage of conventional fertilizers compared to SK Cote. There was significant savings in terms of labor. There was also some cost savings observed in terms of both labor and fertilizer costs.

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