Trial Design: Commercial Trial

Trial Site :  Pontianak

Trial Size: 1000 ha X 2 plots

Planting Material : Mixed

Soil Series : Anderson 3

Palm Stand : 150 palms/ha

Rainfall: 4500-6000 mm per year

Duration : 3 years (2011-2013)

Planting Date: Plot 1 planted year 2005 and Plot 2 planted year 2007

Fertilizer used:

  • Conventional: Equivalent to 1kg Urea, 1kg RP and 4kg MOP for Year 4 and 1.5kg Urea, 1kg RP and 5kg MOP for Year 5
  • SK Cote: SK Cote Plus 12-6-32+TE at 3.6kg for Year 4 and 3.9kg for Year 5

Data for plot 1 as follows. 

SK Cote vs Conventional Fertilizer Chart
SK Cote vs Conventional Chart

Above data shows that SK Cote consistently outperformed conventional fertilizer in both plots for all years of harvesting. It was also noted that less labor was required due to the lower amount of fertilizer applied and the application rounds was limited to 3 rounds for SK Cote and 5 rounds for conventional.

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