Japan Wet Field Paddy Trial Data

Trial date: 2015

Rice clone: Japan Koshihikari

Replicates: 4 replicates

Method: Transplanted


  • T1 – IC (IC コ一ト試験区)
  • T2 – Taki (多木―発試験区) as control
  • T3 – SK Cote (SK コ一ト試験区)

​All treatment above are 1 shot application, applied during transplanting.

NoHarvested Area(Plot)Plant Density(Point/Plot)Gross Weight(g)Net Weight(g)Water content after threshingSpikelets per PaniclePanicle number per plotWeight per 1000 grains (g)
NoGrain Thickness Distribution 200g (mm)
Thickness> 1.901.851.80<1.80 Total
NoGross WeightNet WeightNet Weight per 1000 grainThreshed grains per spikeletThreshed grain percentage
T1625kg/10a585kg/10a21.8g57.0 grains/panicle93.7%
T2566kg/10a535kg/10a21.9g59.2 grains/panicle94.5%
T3635kg/10a591kg/10a21.4g58.1 grains/panicle93.1%
*Note: 10a = 0.1 hectare

It was noted that among the 3 types of fertilizer used, SK Cote performed the best in terms of yield per hectare, which outperformed the standard ideal yield by 12.6%. 

Reference: Standard yield components of Koshihikari (Sieve 1.85mm)

ComponentNumber of Points (Points/m²)No of Panicles (No/point)No of Panicles (No/m²) Spikelets per PanicleSpikelets per pointSpikelets per m²Ripening RateWeight per 1000 grains (g)Theoretical Yield
Ideal Value18.121380.175157528507.590%22.0564kg/10a
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